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Elle Lindquist

Canadian Lifestyle Vlogger and Social Media Personality

How to Survive the First 100 Days with a Newborn

The first three months after giving birth (commonly referred to as the fourth trimester) is filled with all sorts of emotions, triumphs and challenges. You’re getting to know the intricacies of the newest member of your family while dealing with your own healing and hormonal shifts and swings.

Between the 2am feeds, blowouts, and emotional changes, it can get pretty overwhelming! Bringing a sense of humour as well as education.

Elle will be sharing her tips and tricks to not only survive the fourth trimester, but thrive during it!

Elle Lindquist is a lifestyle and family vlogger on YouTube with an international subscriber base. She is the mother of two boys, and is most recently known for her massively popular viral video (over 6 million views in just 4 months) of the unmedicated water birth of her second son. Drawing from her experience as a mother, licensed child educator, and certified cosmetologist, Elle educates, inspires, and entertains her audiences.

Elle’s YouTube channel includes family vlogging, lifestyle content including health & fitness, the latest in beauty & fashion, and modern home decor ideas. Elle has been featured in such media as,, and Connect with Elle at or via her social media channels, Instagram @elle.lindquist, and Twitter @ellelindquist. 

Jessica Payne

Birth and Postpartum Doula, Co-Owner of Helping Hands Doula

5 Things You Need to Know about Bringing Home Your Newborn

Jessica has supported close to 100 families in the last 7 years as a Birth & Postpartum Doula. With formal training from DONA International and a background in Health Sciences from UWO, her focus is enriching the experience of becoming parents. 

Her journey began while volunteering her time as an EMT in university and working with the more compassionate cases.  

She has always had an interest in supporting others around her but couldn’t put her finger on how she wanted to help. It was her final year at university that she came to realize her career path and became immersed in everything to do with pregnancy, childbirth and newborn development.

She considers it a privilege to be a part of her clients’ birth team and empower them to realize their own birth wishes by being their helping hand through the transition to parenthood.

Eva Mende-Gibson

Blink of an Eye Photography

How to Take Better Photographs of Your Kids

One of the nicest things about having kids is watching them grow right before your eyes. Blink and you might miss a stage.

Regardless of whether you use a fancy DSLR camera or a smart phone, in this short seminar Eva will go over some great tips and tricks on how to better photograph your kids (from infant to teen).

She will be touching on composition, finding great light, perspective and tips on how to take great photographs of kids at any age.

Eva is the photographer and owner of Blink of an Eye Photography. She is the mom of 4 kids (and yes...there is a set of twins in there!).  She formally studied Microbiology at Trent University and is also a CAPPA trained post partum doula.

Her Nikon camera won her over and she has been shooting professionally for the last 9 years, and has specialized in newborns for the last 4.5 years. Few things give her more pleasure than spending time with kids, animals and family...photographing their antics and sweet details.

Ian Chang

Maple Bridge Financial

Tax Reduction for New Parents

Explains the inner workings of relatively unknown, hidden and advanced methods for reducing the taxes you pay on your family's bottom line.

Ian Chang is a Certified Financial Planner with 13 years' industry experience, applying wealth accumulation, risk management and tax reduction methods for families of all walks of life.

He is an advocate of holistic and unbiased approaches to financial planning to achieve the very best and customized solutions for the problems families face.

His professional life aside, Ian is most well known for his uncanny resemblance to Superman (Clark Kent).  Don't believe it? Visit him on stage and see for yourself!

Kristi Clements, RMT

Birth and Postpartum Doula, Co-Owner of Helping Hands Doula

Dancing for Birth

Come dance with your baby. Whether you are Pregnant or Baby Wearing, You will LOVE it! Dancing For BirthTM  is fun and feel good fitness with a fusion of prenatal/postnatal education.

Recommended by Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Doulas and Mothers.

Every class includes:

•Body awareness
•Dance moves that help with baby’s optimal positions
•Increase flexibility, making it easier for your body to adjust to changing shape
•Ease constipation, gas and heartburn
•World rhythms of Middle Eastern, African, Latin and Caribbean beats
•Information on labour options, comfort measures, and bringing home baby

Spend time bonding with other wonderful expectant and new moms!

Valerie Wood, ERT

Canadian Red Cross Instructor, Emergency Medical Responder, owner of ERT-CPR.

Infant & Child Choking

"Learn what to do when every second counts"

President & Founder of ERT – Emergency Response Training & ERT - Emergency Response Teams, Valerie Wood will guide you through what to do when every second counts.

Canadian Red Cross Instructor, Emergency Medical Responder and mom (ages 6, 7, 16, & 19,) Valerie knows far too well how fast life can change and why knowing what to do can make all the difference. 

Nick Mandavia

Knowledge First Financial

The ABC's of RESPs

The path to success starts with the decision to save with an RESP. While there are other ways to pay for education, no other savings plan offers as much as RESPs.

lt's a smart and proven way to invest in your child's future.

Topics will include:

•Benefits of opening an RESP and starting to save early
•How to access Government Grants ($7,200 available for each child in Ontario!)
•Different types of RESPs
•Frequently asked questions and answers

Nick Mandavia is a licensed Sales Representative with Knowledge First Financial

Nick truly believes in building a lasting relationship with each family he meets' and ispassionate about helping families save for their children's futures.

La Leche League

Breastfeeding 101

Pregnant? Learn how to help get breastfeeding off to a good start. Already breastfeeding? Hear tips on avoiding difficulties and overcoming challenges. Find out how La Leche League Canada fits into your breastfeeding support network.

La Leche League is a charitable, volunteer-run organization that provides mother-to-mother support and breastfeeding information. 

Canon Reid and Rabbi Pollack

Raising a Spiritual Child

Research shows a link between spirituality and health and shows that children who have a positive, active relationship to spirituality: less likely to use and abuse substances, less likely to be depressed as teenagers and less likely to have dangerous or unprotected sex. These children also have an increased sense of meaning and purpose, and high levels of academic success.

Using experiences as moms and as faith leaders in the Jewish and Christian traditions, the presenters will give practical guidance for families in nurturing a sense of spirituality in their children and in themselves.

Canon Reid has been a priest in the Anglican Church for 28 years, helping families connect with their own spirituality and traditions. She has prepared hundreds of families for Christian faith rituals and delights in the spontaneous elements of the Divine that come from children. She is a mother of 2 sons.

Rabbi Pollack has served Jewish congregations over the last 23 years of her ministry.  She is a dedicated leader who builds relationships with families in her care and in her community.  A mom of three, she is always engaged in nurturing young lives in the faith.

Eileen Quinlan, Sharr Cairns & Jenny Dinh

Give Life Twice! Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank

You have the power to #GiveLifeTwice. At this moment, there are more than 800 patients waiting for a stem cell match. Your baby's cord blood could be their hope for the future. Learn how donating cord blood to Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank can Give Life. 

Eileen Quinlan, Collections Supervisor, Canadian Blood Services' National Cord Blood Bank is a Registered Nurse, State Certified midwife in Ireland, England and Wales. Worked as Supervisor in whole blood collection, transferred to Cord Blood 2013 to start up Cord Blood Bank Collection site at Brampton Civic Hospital.



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